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England vs Ireland, 1st ODI: The First Match Abandoned Due to Rain and Damp Area in the Field

England and Ireland came against each other in the 1st ODI of the series at Headingley, Leeds. It was expected to rain on the match day and the first match of the three match series was abandoned without a toss. Due to the heavy rain, the toss was delayed and grounds were covered for a long time. Umpire kept extending the inspecting time. However, it was expected that 30-30 or 20-20 overs could be played but rain had some other plans.

Umpires kept inspecting the pitch and after some time, rains poured down and groundsmen started to remove cover for the match. After some time, rain increased once again and the groundsman had to put the cover on the pitch once again. It led to another delay for the toss and match to start.

Once again, after some time, rain stopped and groundmen removed covers and they started to work harder to prepare for the outfield and the umpire once again scheduled the inspection. Around 8:30 pm IST, rain stopped fully and everyone was hoping for some action. After some time, the sun peeked out but there was some damp area in the field and the umpire was not happy with the ground.

Due to bad outfield, the umpire scheduled another inspection but after some time, the umpire called off the day, as the damp area couldn’t improve. Both the skipper shake hands and agree for the call off. 

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