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FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: Canada Eliminates Republic of Ireland from the Race; Win by 2-1

Canada overcame a deficit to take the lead in Group B and eliminate Republic of Ireland. Priestman could not have been pleased with her view for the first 45 minutes of that game.

They were on the verge of the knockout rounds, but the second half was a full 180.  The Republic of Ireland’s performance was exemplified by McCabe’s vigour and effort, and she will know better than most that, on another day, they would have had success playing that way. Unsurprisingly, the manager of Canada was pleased with her team.

Even though the Republic of Ireland’s early exit won’t make their players feel any better, they have played more like a seasoned World Cup team than a team making their tournament debut.

They lost out on a chance to advance to the knockout round due to a penalty against Australia and an awful own goal today.

Even if nothing else, they will profit from the experience they have learned from this competition. Their performance today, especially in the first half, was one that warranted at least a point.

After suffering a terrible draw, Pauw’s team has played valiantly, and they will aim to complete their group stage campaign on a high against Nigeria.Although by no means representative of Canada, they accomplished what was necessary to maintain their hopes of competing in the Women’s World Cup.

If they had lost against Republic of Ireland, it would have been very difficult for them to advance to the knockout stages, therefore their victory puts them in a strong position to face Australia in the next round.

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