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IPL 2023 Final Match Postponed to Monday Due to Rain

IPL 2023 Final Match Postponed to Monday Due to Rain

The final match of IPL 2023 between CSK and GT was scheduled on Sunday at  Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad. It is expected to be a thriller encounter but rain had other plans. Rain was on and off through the match timing, leading to the wet pitch and outfield.

Around 6:00 pm IST, when the closing ceremony was supposed to begin, the Rain Gods arrived. However, the weather caused the ground personnel to cover up, and nothing has changed since then. It can be known that the situation has become worse as the rain has gotten harder.

An IPL final is an unparalleled event in terms of thrill and excitement! You have to feel for the large throng that has turned out. Rain has been a nuisance up to this point, but let’s hope for the best! Already, we are suffering overs. Even a shortened game will be exciting because players and coaches will need to make unconventional choices! Do not leave, people!

It was expected that the revised playing conditions will be: 9:45 PM (19 over game), 10 PM (17 over game), and 10:30 PM (15 over game), if the rain stops and the competition begins.

The Gujarat Titans tweeted about Reserve Day in the meanwhile. The game would be moved to May 29 if Sunday’s scheduled play was canceled due to rain. The cutoff time for a whole 20-over game is 09:40 PM IST, according to the IPL regulation. The cutoff time for the start of a 5-over away game is also 11:56 PM IST. In both situations, the area must be prepared for live action.

Stay tuned with us to get the latest update and live cricket news of upcoming matches!

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