Former head coach Ravi Shastri's blunt statement on the poor form of Rohit Sharma
Posted on May 8, 2023 by Alibaba

Former head coach of the Indian Cricket Team Ravi Shastri believes that Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has doubled his workload in the past few years and that not being in form with the bat has affected his captaincy as well. He is the most driven captain in the history of the Indian Premier League, as he led his team to five title victories, which is the highest in the IPL. However, IPL 2022 had been one of their worst seasons, as they won only four matches out of the 14 they did play.

Shastri said of Rohit Sharma that "if you start getting a purple patch where you are scoring runs, the job as a captain becomes much easier, the body language on the field changes, and the energy on the field is different as opposed to when you are not getting runs. You can go flat no matter who you are."

He further added, "That's where, as a captain, it is more important that your performance comes into play. It is harder now because of the stage of his career and the kind of team that they have. The same team could be a terrific team in a year or two once they start gelling together. But to get that right, that's the job of the captain.